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7 Motorhome Fire Safety Tips

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

According to RVAA, there are more than 12,500 reported recreation vehicle fires annually, of which 50 percent result in total loss. This number grows to more than 20,000 when estimates of unreported fires are included – and motorhomes account for 80 percent of all RV fires.

7 Motorhome Fire Safety Tips:

1) Visually check fire extinguishers often to ensure they contain the proper pressure on the gauge (within the green range), but never test an extinguisher by partially discharging it.

2) Carefully read the instructions on the fire extinguisher; you won’t have time when there’s a fire. Anytime an extinguisher is used at all, recharge or replace it.

3) Keep several fire extinguishers throughout the coach and be sure everyone in your family knows which extinguisher type (A, B or C) is effective on different types of fires.

4) Many motorhome fires are caused by transmission fluid leaks, which can be ignited by the hot exhaust system. Check underneath your coach for signs of leaks.

5) Another fire source is shorts in the electrical system. Check wiring to make sure the connections are secure and repair or replace any damaged wires.

6) Discuss evacuation with everyone traveling in your coach and go over how to operate latches and escape hatches for a quick exit in a fire.

7) Be sure to keep combustibles away from the stove. Stay in the area while cooking; food or items such paper towels and curtains may be ignited by the stove.

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