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10-Minute Tech: Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

When I wanted to check inside my RV while the cover was on, it was hard to open the entry door without bringing out a ladder to open the full-height zipper on the cover. I created a handy homemade tool to make it more convenient.

To start, I found a wood dowel that is long enough to reach the top of my RV. I cut a slot in the end to seat a nail and tightened the wood around it with zip ties. Or you can simply pound a nail into the end of the dowel after drilling a starter hole. Next, I cut off the end of the nail and rounded the tip with a file.

On the other end of the dowel, I drilled a starter hole and twisted in a cup hook (without a safety latch). I cut off the tip of the hook to shorten the curved part, which makes it easier to use.

Now I simply use the nail end to raise the zipper up and the hook end to lower the zipper. No need to get the ladder out!

Jan Fields | Kirkland, Washington


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