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10-Minute Tech: Sliding Doors Stay Put

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

After breaking several plastic latches on the sliding-glass doors on our RV’s wardrobe and having to replace the mirror on one of them because of the broken latch, I decided to make a more positive restraint to keep the doors in place while traveling.

My fix requires three parts. One is a drain-stopper handle found on the back of most bathroom faucets and available at hardware stores. The other two pieces are faucet washers that fit tightly on the round rod of the stopper handle.

With both closet doors pushed to one side, I drilled a hole through the track cover attached to the wall that is in front of the door, about ½ inch away from where the doors are when both are flush. The hole needs to go all the way through and be low enough in the track to stop the doors from sliding. Place one washer on the stopper handle to protect the front of the track cover and insert the handle into the hole, then put the second washer on the stopper. Now the doors, with one door open, are securely locked in place for travel.

Bill McHale | Copperopolis, California


10-Minute TechBill McHale

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