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10-Minute Tech: Mr. Clean

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

I purchased a portable waste tank for use when camping at sites without sewer hookups. It has an opening to insert a garden hose for rinsing. However, the rinsing attachments I have found don’t look like they would rinse sufficiently, so I designed something that works better.

My solution uses PEX tubing and fittings, which are not too expensive. Here’s a list of the items I used: an adapter to connect my garden hose to PEX tubing, an adapter to reduce the diameter so I could use ½-inch PEX tubing, a PEX plug for the end of the wand, PEX clamps and a crimping tool. Although a crimping tool is needed, it’s best to borrow one if planning to use it only once. I also used a PEX shutoff valve that was left over from another project.

Using two pieces of short PEX tubing, I connected the garden-hose adapter, reducer and valve. To the other side of the valve I used about 18 inches of PEX tubing and installed a plug in the end. Using a 1/8-inch bit, I drilled eight holes around the tube near the plug and also drilled a hole through the plug so water would shoot out the bottom of
the wand.

During use, high-velocity water sprays strongly out of all the holes. The device works even better than I anticipated. I can now be assured the inside of my portable waste tank gets a good rinsing after each use.

Michael Hinson | Brentwood, Tennessee


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