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10-Minute Tech: In a Good Light

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

After having my wife complain about the light shining in her eyes while she worked in the kitchen in our Keystone Bullet travel trailer, I came up with a solution to keep her happy. I created a shade using some wood I had from an earlier project. I cut a length of 90-degree outside corner molding and glued a piece of flat wood to the inside of one side. Once the glue was dry, I attached the makeshift shade to the base of the cabinet in front of the light.

The length and depth of the wood pieces depends on how large a shade you want. We installed it to be right at eye level when working at the sink and counter. Now when my wife stands at the counter, the light is no longer right in her eyes.

Bob Edmondson | Hendersonville, North Carolina

Technical editor’s note: If you’re going to attach anything to the base of cabinets in your RV, it’s recommended not to use glue or double-sided tape, as those could damage the lamination if they are later removed. Staples, screws or brads are less damaging, as holes can be filled with putty.


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