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10-Minute Tech: Doggies in the Window

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

My small dogs kept pushing out and tearing the screen door at the entry to my Keystone Hideout travel trailer. Rather than replacing the screen again, I used a transparent acrylic plastic, which holds up to the dogs and they can see through it. I did not want to use metal-grill screen protectors because I was afraid my dogs could get a nail caught in it.

RV screen door with reinforcementI used a couple of self-threading screws to attach the solid piece of acrylic to the door’s frame. I did this on the inside of the door so you can’t see it from the outside, plus if the dogs push against it, it will hold up better. The acrylic plastic came in 24-by-18-inch precut sheets that I bought at the local hardware store, and total investment was $30.

Kent Miller | Santa Rosa, California


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