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Grounded electric RV

Grounded RV: The Spark of Inspiration

It began, as so many great stories do, on the open road. Sam Shapiro, the prototypical young high-tech professional, had left pandemic-era Manhattan, his advertising-tech job and his 200-square-foot apartment…
innovative rvs

Innovation Nation

To the average first-time RV buyer, motorhomes all look pretty much the same. But every once in a while RV designers and engineers come up with the better mousetrap of…
TireMinder Apple CarPlay
Gear & Accessories

Video: TireMinder and Apple CarPlay are a Match Made in Heaven

We’ve sung the praises of TireMinder’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) in the past, calling it an essential product for RVers. The high-tech device wirelessly provides real-time data for up…
rv offices
Lifestyle & Travel

6 Ways to Create an RV Office Space

There once was a time when being able to work from anywhere seemed like a pipe dream reserved for the digital nomads and those deeply immersed in the gig economy.…