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Camping Gear Reviews

Undercover Swing Case Toolbox Review

Ask trailer owners if there is ever enough space for storage, and they will likely sheepishly admit to taking along too much stuff. If you’re towing with a pickup truck,…
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The Best RV Sewer Hose Gear

OK, serious question: What is it about the subject of sewer systems that seems to bring out the 7-year-old in most of us? We are all adults, we all have or…
Life on the Road

How to Get Internet in an RV

The Home While We Roam crew loves hitting the road and heading into nature, but we also love staying connected while we’re gone. We’re firmly in the camp that believes…
Camping Gear Reviews

Gear Review: Ecocamel Jetstorm

Taking a shower in a motorhome can be a less-than-invigorating experience. Most of the showerheads supplied by motorhome builders struggle to provide a stream of water strong enough to wash…
Life on the Road

Tips and Tools for Staying Cool in Your RV

Harsh winters may have us pining for warmer days. But Summer — especially Summer spent in an RV — can quickly remind us that cold air may not be such…
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Best RV Racks for Adventure Gear

A motorhome is your home away from home, and we’re all about bringing as many creature comforts aboard as possible. Although in this case, we’re talking about creature comforts outboard. That’s…
Camping Gear Reviews

Compact Watercraft

Collapsible Watercraft Camping means different things to different people, but one thing’s for sure: Being out on the water is a high priority for RVers who like to experience the…
Life on the Road

How to Set up the Perfect RV TV

When we purchased our RV, one of the first upgrades we made was to our entertainment system. The systems that tend to come standard in the current generation of RV’s…
Camping Gear Reviews

Crua Outdoors Expandable Tent Review

Crua tents come bagged in these easy to carry totes / Photo: Jeremy P Elder When you think of family camping, what comes to mind? Late nights around the campfire…
DIY & How To’s

Keep Bugs Out of Your RV

Nobody likes being bugged by insects, especially on vacation, but the nature of RVs and outdoor camping means that your vehicle attracts bugs from the first hatch of spring to…