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electric vehicles

Tesla Semi RV
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Computer-Generated Images Imagine Tesla Semi as an RV

After years of research and development, Tesla finally started shipping its long-anticipated Semi truck to commercial customers in December 2022. That’s three years later than the company initially expected the…
Lone Peak Camper
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The Lone Peak Camper Can Turn Any Pickup into an RV

Pickup truck owners looking to add a camper to their vehicles will soon have an intriguing new option to add to their list. Lightweight and versatile, the Lone Peak Camper…
EarthCruiser camper
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EarthCruiser is Making a Truck-Bed Camper for EVs

Whether it’s due to higher gas prices, increased environmental awareness, or improving technology, the demand for electric vehicles is on the rise. In fact, according to a recent report, EV…
Winnebago eRV2
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Exclusive: We Go Hands On with the Winnebago eRV2

The Florida RV SuperShow had a special guest this year that everyone, including us here at RV Magazine and RV.com, was eagerly waiting to see. On opening day, January 18,…
Winnebago e-RV
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Winnebago Teases New Electric Camper Van

If you’ve been waiting for an update on Winnebago’s ambitions in the electric RV space, you may want to circle January 18 on your calendar. The Forest City, Iowa-based company…