Lippert’s New Fifth Wheel Hitch Takes the Guesswork Out of Coupling

Curt CrossWing Model is 65% Lighter and Offers a 20K Towing Capacity

Image Caption: Image Courtesy of Lippert Components

Lippert Components has introduced a new fifth wheel hitch that promises to take the guesswork out of the coupling process. The company’s new Curt CrossWing model brings confidence and convenience to the towing process while delivering outstanding performance in a lightweight package.

Anyone who has ever tried to line up their fifth wheel hitch with the kingpin on their trailer can tell you that it can be a painstakingly slow process at times. But the CrossWind can make that connection go faster and more smoothly thanks to its innovative design.

The new hitch provides an unprecedented view of the coupling process, allowing drivers to check their positioning without exiting the vehicle. Additionally, the head connection point automatically aligns with the head channel guide, sliding the kingpin directly into place. The system even works on uneven terrain where fifth wheel connections can be especially tricky.

Curt CrossWinds hitch

Image Courtesy of Lippert Components

“By having the coupling surface at a 45-degree angle, we are eliminating guesswork when it comes to fore and aft visibility,” explains Shane McNallie, Lipptert’s EVP of Sales and Customer Service for the automotive division. “When coupling, it’s easy to center your hitch to the kingpin on the horizontal plane, but from a depth perspective, it’s much harder to know if you’re positioned correctly. That’s where it makes all the difference.”

In addition to ensuring a smooth coupling process, the CrossWind also brings other improvements to fifth wheel owners. For instance, the hitch weighs just 60 pounds, which is approximately 65% lighter than most of the competition. It also comes with Curt’s patent-pending ShockDrop technology, which helps to provide a smoother ride. The coupling point is also offset by five inches to the rear, providing more clearance when turning.

The Curt CrossWing meets all safety requirements to adhere to the SAE J2638 standards. Lippert says that it features durable high-grade steel construction and has a premium carbide black texture finish designed to resist rusting.

The hitch is available now. Visit the Curt website for more information.

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