Gear Reviews

Dometic Camping Equipment Review

Dometic is a leading brand in mobile gear and living space. You may have heard of Dometic’s powered coolers or refrigerators that are the chosen…
Dometic Camping Equipment
Gear Reviews

Lippert Jack It Bike Carrier Review

A couple of months ago, my husband, Ron, and I started looking for an easy-to-use bike rack that would work not only on our trailer…
Gear Reviews

Undercover Swing Case Toolbox Review

Ask trailer owners if there is ever enough space for storage, and they will likely sheepishly admit to taking along too much stuff. If you’re…
Gear Reviews

Adventurer Folding Bike Review

As an experienced bicyclist who has ridden a number of high-end road and mountain bikes, I find the idea of pedaling a folding bike somewhat less than invigorating.…
Adventurer Folding Bicycles
Gear Reviews

Gear Review: Ecocamel Jetstorm

Taking a shower in a motorhome can be a less-than-invigorating experience. Most of the showerheads supplied by motorhome builders struggle to provide a stream of…
Gear Reviews

Compact Watercraft

Collapsible Watercraft Camping means different things to different people, but one thing’s for sure: Being out on the water is a high priority for RVers…
Gear Reviews

Crua Outdoors Expandable Tent Review

Crua tents come bagged in these easy to carry totes / Photo: Jeremy P Elder When you think of family camping, what comes to mind?…
Gear Reviews

Improve RV Wi-Fi with A Wifi Extender

It wasn’t too long ago that people went camping to get away from it all, to disconnect. Many RVers still do exactly that. However, times…

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