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Freedom Hauler: A Different Sort of Toy Hauler

For RVers with motorized toys but no toy hauler, the Freedom Hauler takes the place of a rear garage, transporting everything from an OHV to motorcycles, snowmobiles or a golf…
Lifestyle, Top Stories

RVs and Boats: Different Strokes for All Folks

Whether you row, row, row your boat or balance atop an SUP, playing in the water keeps you in shape while reveling in the fresh air and communing with nature…

RV Gear: Idaho Tote

  For those of you who don’t own an RV equipped with a garage but still want to transport motorized toys like ATVs, motorcycles or even a golf cart, Idaho…
Gear, RV News

Recording Genius

  With all the distracted drivers out there, it has become even more important to protect yourself legally with a dashboard camera. Genius brand has introduced its new DVR-FHD650 Vehicle…
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Up a Creek with a Paddle

  Sea Eagle recently added the NeedleNose NN126 to its line of inflatable stand-up paddleboards (SUPs). This 12-foot 6-inch tourer features an advanced shape that significantly reduces drag, friction and…