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Get a Grip: Tow-Vehicle Tires

With so much riding on tow-vehicle tires, proper selection and maintenance are important to your safety and can contribute to better handling and fuel economy When it’s time to put…
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Watch Your Back: RV Tire-Pressure Monitors

Investing in a TPMS for trailers and fifth-wheels can reduce adverse wear and blowouts, and boost safety and fuel economy It’s easy to know when a tire is underinflated on…
Tech Q&A: Trailerlife Magazine

Another Tire Question

Q: I have a tire question that I’ve had about six different answers on from RV dealers. We have a fifth-wheel trailer with a dry weight of 7,794 pounds and…
Tech Q&A: Trailerlife Magazine

Tire Protection

Q: I have a travel trailer that is parked under a metal RV carport. The ground under the trailer is gravel. I have big heavy metal tracks that the tires…
Tech Q&A: Trailerlife Magazine

Tire Wear

Q: I have a couple of questions relating to the type, style and brand of tires that would be recommended for our pickup truck. We have a Chevrolet Silverado 2500…
Towing Tips

Basics of Trailer Tires

See Related Story: RV Tire Basics Your tires rate right up there as some of the most important hardware on your trailer. It’s incumbent on you to become somewhat of an…