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RV Gear: Triple-Play Antenna

  Simplifying and improving Internet, cellular and TV connectivity in an RV makes life on the road just that much nicer, and the new OneSource marine and RV antenna does…

Tire Guardians

  Installing an aftermarket tire-pressure monitoring system on tow vehicle and trailer wheels goes a long way toward on-the-road safety and peace of mind   When getting ready to hit…
DIY, Towing Tips

RV Tire Basics

Understanding the basics can help avoid costly blowouts and lead to safer travels Tires on tow vehicles or trailers run the gamut from passenger-car types to truck and trailer rubber…

RV Gear: Cell-Phone Coverage Booster

  You never know where you might travel or how strong the cell-phone signal will be when you get there. Ordinarily, spotty service isn’t anything more than a minor inconvenience…
DIY, Gear

Facts, Myth, and Common Sense

  Oil is what keeps an engine alive and running strong. But how much do you really know about it? A lot of people refer to engine oil as “the…
10-Minute Tech, DIY

Water Hookups After Dark

Trying to hook up the water connection when arriving at a campsite in the dark can be difficult, so we came up with an easier way. We use brass quick…
Gear, RV Living

Tablets for Travel

  With the versatility of a smartphone and the power of a laptop, tablets and apps can open up a whole new world of traveling Twenty-five years ago, you could…