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DIY Day-Night Shade Repair

Adjusting the cord retainers, and even complete restringing can keep the perfectly good fabric in use for a long time in your motorhome. During the last 20 years, day-night shades…
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Lifting the Fog

Repairing fogged dual-pane windows restores vision while improving aesthetics Temperature control inside a motorhome is of prime importance to occupants, and the use of dual-pane windows is a proven method…

Clearing the Fog

Laminated glass is a practical solution for fixing clouded dual-pane windows that impair drivers’ vision from the cockpit A cataract, defined as the clouding of the lense in the eye,…

Motorhome Upgrade: MCD Innovations window shades

Stepping up with these coverings enhances privacy and improves climate-control efficiency Over the years, motorhome window coverings have come in a variety of choices: curtains, Venetian blinds, pleated shades and…

Motorhome Window Swapping

  Replacing fogged or broken windows doesn’t have to be a pain in the glass   If you own a motorhome long enough you may eventually be faced with circumstances…