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New RVs

Leisure Travel Vans Unity MB

Luxurious Class C motorhome offers versatile Murphy Bed floorplan in compact easy-to maneuver coach The more options we have as motorhome owners, the better. One-size-fits-all may work just fine for…
New RVs

Compact Class C With Gear Garage

Smaller Class C motorhomes are a popular option among outdoor adventurers, but their size can often limit the amount of gear that owners can bring along. Leisure Travel Vans introduces…

Leisure Travel Free Spirit SS

Class B van conversions have always been a niche market within the motorhome industry. Despite their limited appeal, they have consistently attracted an ardent and diverse array of potential users,…
New RVs

Leisure Travel Vans Teases New Sprinter Model

Leisure Travel Vans is looking to build some hype with a tease of their newest Sprinter model. The official reveal of the next sprinter is still a tightly guarded secret,…

RV Snapshot: Leisure Travel Unity U24MB

Life in a motorhome is all about compromise – if you want better mileage, you have to give up some space and amenities, and vice versa. However, given the volatile…