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Dinghy Towing

Dinghy Digest: How to Tow an ‘Untowable’

A number of vehicles, though not sanctioned by their manufacturers, can be dinghy-towed after installing the right equipment A few years ago, a reader wrote to us asking about dinghy…
Dinghy Towing

Dinghy Digest: Family-Friendly Dinghy Vehicles

If you need room for five or more, these vehicles will accommodate your crew in style and comfort When one thinks about dinghy towing vehicles, it’s not hard to imagine…
Dinghy Towing, Top Stories

2019 Dinghy Towables Sneak Peek

7 vehicles that have been manufacturer-approved for flat-towing behind a motorhome. Over the years, MotorHome readers have asked one question more than all others: “Is the vehicle I’m thinking about…
Dinghy Towing, New Gear

Roadmaster App

The new FitMaster app answers one of the most common questions among motorhome owners – “What equipment do I need to tow a dinghy vehicle?” Roadmaster’s website can help you…
Dinghy Towing

Top-20 Dinghy FAQs

Answers to the most-often asked questions about dinghy towing Over the years, we have noticed that certain RV-related questions keep popping up, over and over again. Some of them come…
Dinghy Towing, Top Stories

Top 10 Most-Popular Dinghy Vehicles

Favorite flat-towables as voted by MotorHome’s readers Which dinghy is the best? If you ask MotorHome fans, chances are they’ll mention one of the vehicles listed below. According to our…
Dinghy Towing, Top Stories

8 Affordable Dinghy Vehicles

Move to the head of the class with these cars that are fun to drive and easy on the wallet Looking for a new car to tow behind your motorhome?…
Dinghy Towing, Top Stories

Best 2018 Models for Dinghy Towing

If you like adventure, this year’s crop of manufacturer-approved dinghy-towable vehicles offers something for everyone Adventure. It’s what happens when you shake off society’s norms, throw a little caution to…
Dinghy Towing, Tech

Braking Prowess

BrakeBuddy’s newly redesigned portable Select II provides the confidence needed to safely decelerate while towing a dinghy vehicle Towing a dinghy vehicle charges motorhome owners with the responsibility of using…
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Top Towables for 2017

SUVs are at the summit of this year’s list of new dinghy vehicles, and a familiar icon returns Short of calling Uber or Lyft whenever you need to leave your…