Things to Do

Your Guide to How and Why to Go Snowshoeing

It’s like clockwork every year. The ball in Times Square drops signaling a fresh, new year and gyms across the country get inundated with resolutioners…
two people snowshoeing
Things to Do

RV Trips for Skiing

Starting in 2006, Bode Miller, the charismatic bad boy of the U.S. Ski Team who won a remarkable six Olympic medals in alpine skiing, spent…
Things to Do

Flower Festivals in Oregon to Visit

After the grey winters of the Pacific Northwest, there’s no better way to usher in springtime than visiting the many colorful flower festivals across
Things to Do

Volunteering on The Road

“What a rich aspect it brings to your travels,” says Linda Schmidt of Bellevue, Washington, describing the nearly 20-year experience she and her husband, Carl,…
Things to Do

A Guide to Camping on Public Lands

Most RVers love America’s national and state parks. Few locations on earth can match the majestic beauty of these destination-worthy public lands but, unfortunately, the…
Things to Do

What is Ice Fishing and How to Do It

Ice fishing in North America began before the arrival of Europeans. Native Americans took fish from frozen lakes as a means of sustenance in some…

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