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Trending in Gear
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Must-Have Camping Gadgets

The Right Camping Gear for Right Now

Image Caption: It's best to have everything you need on a camping trip and the right gear and gadgets make all the difference. (Image from Getty)

You know by now that your RV camping experience gets better as you add the right gear to your set-up and including tech gear can make your trips even more convenient and entertaining.

As many RV owners and renters think about what the 2021 camping season will look like, we’ve compiled a list of tech gadgets and ideas that might make your camping trip or season a bit more connected and convenient in your home-away-from-home.

Outdoor Experience

We love the outdoors, and we love the convenience of RV camping to explore some of our favorite parks and camping sites. Consider some of these tech hacks and gadgets for new adventures.

Outdoor Cinema

Why not recreate the drive-in movie experience when camping? Watch movies, sports, and your favorite TV shows outside of your camper with a Bluetooth projector and a projection screen. The market has several options available to pair projectors and screens depending on your desired screen and the brightness that matches your environment.

Group of young friends watching a movie on a building rooftop terrace, eating popcorn, drinking beer and having fun (Group of young friends watching a movie on a building rooftop terrace, eating popcorn, drinking beer and having fun, ASCII, 116 compon

An outdoor movie night can be really fun at the campground. Invite the neighbors! (Image from Getty)

Most of these screens are compact, easy to set-up, and provide a fun way to end the day’s activities. Outdoor flat screens are another option and a quick detach/attach setup makes this convenient for storage and protection.

Portable Grills and Fire Pits

Add rustic luxury to your camping experience with a safe, portable fire pit. Propane-fueled fire pits are more feasible for the RV camping experience because they reduce the amount of smoke at your campsite, allow you to adhere to fire restrictions at many parks, and, at the end of the night, you don’t have to worry about dousing the embers with water—creating a safer and more convenient campfire experience.

Some even offer the capability to control temperature through your smartphone—allowing you to get controlled temperatures during the cooking process required for more adventurous recipes and prepared steaks.

Electric Recreation

Options for daytime adventure are expanding with the introduction and expansion of electric recreational technology. Explore the forests, trails, and environments in your park with convenient options like an electric-powered E-bike, which gives you an extra push when traveling up elevations or when you’re taking an especially long route.

Single mountain bike rider on E bike rides up a steep mountain trail.

An electric bike can allow you to go further on each adventure. (Image from Getty)

These are battery-powered and can be charged at your campsite, and many of these can go upwards of fifty miles before needing any recharge!

Outdoor Lighting

Lighten up your camping trip with some LED outdoor lighting. Find options to light your porch and awning at night, to keep track of your camping equipment and to let you stay up long past sundown. Several options are also energy-efficient, so they won’t be a drain on your power.

Utilize string lighting or spotlighting attachments for outdoor kitchenettes and walkways to make your outdoor experience safer, brighter, and all the more enjoyable. And, use motion-detecting security lights when wildlife like raccoons are a considering factor.

Off-Grid Entertainment & Energy

Solar, batteries, generators—for many of the conveniences of RV camping off-grid, energy is a must. From running utilities to entertainment or communication, you need to be able to charge and power all your devices.

For this, consider the options available to you when camping—especially when electric hook-ups aren’t available.

Boondocking With Solar Panels

Relatively inexpensive and practical to set up with the right components, solar panels can extend your ability to camp off-grid with a surprising capacity. These can either be set up around or near your camper or smaller options that you can attach to the roof.

solar panels mounted on the roof of an RV

Solar panels can make all the difference when camping off-grid.

They work in the same way as residential panels, capturing sunlight to power your various devices. Components include the panels, charger controller, solar batteries, and sometimes an inverter to convert electricity.

Generators & Long-Life Batteries

Power up your camping adventure with a generator or long-life battery. They’re a great way to get the best of both worlds – staying off the grid while having all the comforts of being plugged right in! Before purchasing, determine the type of camping generator you need based on the average amount of energy you’ll use.

Generators for campers tend to put out between 2000 and 4000 watts.  Go with what fits best for your energy needs considering lighting, refrigeration, electric entertainment, and the size of your camper.

Wi-Fi and Hotspots

Whether working remotely from your camper or just enjoying the convenience of streaming services when vacationing, Wi-Fi is a must for the tech-savvy RV camper.

A great way to access Wi-Fi when in remote locations is with a hotspot—a device that lets you connect your smart devices to data service.  If the park or location you’re staying at provides any kind of Wi-Fi access, ensure you’re keeping your data secure with a good VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to use public Wi-Fi hotspots—like those offered at campsites—without fear of being hacked or tracked online.

Kitchen and Interior

Depending on the weather, cooking needs, and climate control, the inside of your camper needs to be as well-equipped as the outside. That means maintaining an efficient kitchen and general comfortability in the camper.

A kitchen fully equipped

Having everything just right in your kitchen is a must for any RV trip.

Pressure Cookers and Kitchenware

Cooking in your camper is quite different than what you’re used to in your home kitchen. Reducing the amount of appliances both helps in terms of space as well as energy use. A good pressure cooker, like an Instant Pot, acts as not only a pressure cooker, but also a slow cooker, and even an air-fryer.

Some models are equipped with Wi-Fi capability, so you can monitor and cook even while out on the trail. Look for kitchenware that is multipurpose to reduce the amount of cleaning you’ll have to do and allow for more storage space.

Air Control

Summer is all about camping adventures, but it’s also about heat and humidity. That’s why you should consider camping in an RV equipped with an air conditioner. Your options here vary between rooftop, portable, and window; but whichever option you choose, you want to ensure you find an air conditioner that’s energy-efficient and also keeps your air clean.

Consider the size of the trailer, operational noise, price-point, and how often you plan to use your AC. Especially in hot environments, the right air conditioner could mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and an uncomfortably long night.

When equipping your RV camping setup with different tech options, creativity is always the best route as new options are developed and camping becomes even more popular.

Continue to explore what works best for you, and talk to other campers to see what ideas they’ve developed. The great thing about camping is that there are always new adventures to be had and even more new tech gadgets and gear to help you along the way.

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