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2021 Heartland Mallard M180BH being towed behind a Chevy Tahoe

Can a Trailer Camera Really Make Towing Easier?

Let’s be honest about this: driving a vehicle that’s pulling a really long trailer isn’t easy, and it takes a lot of practice to get comfortable with it. And the…

How to Make the most of Your RV’s Fuel

Fuel prices at the pumps don’t have to crimp your travel style. With some careful planning and proper engine maintenance you can use your dollars for fun instead of fuel.…
Family TravelTowing

Family Friendly Dinghy Tow Vehicles

When one thinks about dinghy towing vehicles, it’s not hard to imagine a couple of happy empty nesters arriving at their destination, disconnecting and driving into the horizon to visit…

Safe Dinghy Towing Guide

We all like to think about RVing as a pleasant experience, one that creates memories that will last a lifetime. But as we prepare for the upcoming travel season, it’s…

How to Choose a Dinghy Tow Vehicle

Part and parcel to the motorhome lifestyle is bringing a dinghy vehicle along for the journey. It’s a simple concept — the RV is your home-on-wheels that stays parked in…

Must Have Dinghy Towing Protection Gear

Life on the road isn’t always easy, especially for your dinghy vehicle. As you ride several yards ahead in the comfy cockpit of the motorhome, it’s holding up the rear,…

18 RV Hitches for Trailers and Fifth-Wheels

Travel-trailer and fifth-wheel buyers typically put a lot of thought into floorplans, features, upgrades and creature comforts, but unless you have owned several trailers, you probably don’t know much about…

Will Your Next Tow Vehicle Be Electric?

After decades of promises, technology has matured to a point where electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) are reliable, environmentally friendly alternatives to their gasoline- and diesel-powered…

Is Buying A Diesel Truck Worth It?

Throughout automotive history, few engines have been as polarizing as the diesel. Those who own them, love them; those who don’t, love to hate them. Techies and engine nerds will…