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Camping World Dealership
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Camping World to Open Its First Location in Maine

Camping World Holdings Inc. announced this week that it has signed an agreement to acquire Lee’s Family Trailer in Windham, ME. The acquisition is expected to close April of this year.…
Snow in Texas

Texans Turn to RVs During Winter Storm Blackouts

Winter storm Uri has wreaked havoc on Texas with below freezing temperatures, snow, and mass power outages. According to Camper Report, this has led many RVers in Texas to temporarily move…
Tyler and Todd winterizing their RV
Servicing & Care

Surviving Winter in an RV and Staying Warm

As anyone who RVs will tell you, winter and cold weather come with unique challenges for any RVer. In the video above, Tyler and Todd go through the necessary steps to make sure they can…
RV Covered Storage
Servicing & Care

Your Stored RV Needs to be Checked On

You’ve logged all the miles, seen all the sights, and made all the memories with your RV during your adventure-packed travel season. Now it’s time to store your RV until…
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Camping World to Acquire Flagg RV

Camping World Holdings Inc. announced today (Feb. 18) that it plans to acquire Flagg RV—an RV dealership based in Massachusetts. The agreement signed will have Camping World acquire Flagg RV’s…
Phaeton 401H motorhome
Trending in RV

2021 Phaeton 401H Makes its Debut

The 2021 Phaeton 401H motorhome debuted at the Tampa SuperShow in January. It comes available on a new XCR Super Raised Rail Chassis that offers the tallest rail configuration in…