trail running

The Best Trail-Running Shoes On the Market

Whether you want to add a little more thrill and challenge to your hike or are just looking to change up your exercise routine, trail running is a fantastic activity…
Outdoor workout

Spring is Here: Try This Workout Outdoors

We may still have a cold day or two ahead of us this spring, the brunt of winter is behind us. That means we can slowly emerge from hibernation and…
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Fitness Apps Perfect for Use on the Road

Sometimes when we travel our exercise routines go out the window. Airports, lines, and unsatisfying fast-food meals weigh down any mental motivation to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Don’t let your…
Low-impact workout with Steph of The Fit RV

Low-Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners

Low-impact cardio workouts are great for people of all ages and fitness levels, but they’re also fantastic for seniors and beginners. Doing low-impact workouts are all about movement, getting your blood pumping, and getting your heart…