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Gerber hatchet in use
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Gear Guide: Camp Hatchets for Any Camping Trip

There are few tools in a camping kit more versatile than a hatchet. Even better than a Swiss Army Knife or one of your fancy multitools (which are admittedly really…
RVi Brake3 wireless Breakaway
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RVi Releases New Breakaway Wireless Adapter for RVibrake3

RV parts and accessories manufacturer RVi has released the Breakaway Wireless Adapter for their RVibrake3 system. Unlike other breakaway systems, the Breakaway Wireless Adapter does not require installation through the…
Man Uses Phone Forest

National Park Service Releases Interactive Smartphone App

The National Park Service this month released a new mobile app, according to an article from outsideonline.com.  The new app, titled “National Park Service” is a “one-stop-shop” for visitors at…
Garmin RV 1090
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Garmin New RV 1090 GPS System Is Here to Guide You

Recently, Garmin Internaitonal Inc. a unit of Garmin Ltd. announced its new RV-specific GPS navigator series, the RV 1090. What sets this new GPS system apart from the competition is…
Flow-Rite's Pro-Fill Onboard Battery Watering System
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Flow-Rite Is Here to Help With Your Battery Woes

Flow-Rite has an innovative solution to adding more electrolytes to your battery bank when its levels drop. Often, these battery banks are hard to reach and simply getting to them…
Close View Of Parked Camper Van With Three Solar Panels On Top Of Roof.
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Gear Guide: Solar Panel Kits to Add to Your Rig

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-timer, a big part of the RV lifestyle is the independence that comes with it. You can go where you want, when you…